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7:09 p.m. - 2005-05-25
OH Toddbert. I'm not even going to use my scoring system. You, dear heart, exceed the bounds of a human scoring scale. Your writing is amazing, honest and inspirational. You son of a bitch, you have me considering eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables and grass or whatever the hell you are eating. You have a hell of a thing going for you there my friend. I can just feel my body shrinking as I think about it.

I wanted to dislike you getting your nails done, I really did. I wanted to think it was creepy and bizarre, but you had to go and have pictures and it looks just fine. Not only are your nails quite dapper but you are a handsome lad as well. Your little hostess cupcake is a lucky lucky twinkie. Congratulations on that happiness, puddin'.

The only thing I have to say is about your layout. I HATE it. Let me explain. ITS FUCKING UGLY. Seriously, you have gorgeous handwriting and you are such a beautiful person, your layout should be beautiful too.

I like how respectful you are of women and I like how you respect everyone who works for it. I especially like your policy on shaking hands/hugs. I wish more people hugged. I love hugging and white people are always weirded out by it. My best friend is Lebanese and her parents hug. I like that. My family (mostly italian) hugs. Whats with WASPs that makes them want to avoid hugging? You should look into that.

So anyways, I give you full credit. May this be a life-affirming experience for you. Because you rock out loud.



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